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What Is Bio-Energy?

How Does Bio-Energy Work?

How Can Bio-Energy Help You?

What Happens During A Bio-Energy Treatment?

Price of a Bio-Energy Treatment


Over a period of time, our energy can become blocked for many reasons. This obstructs the healing flow of energy and therefore physical illness and emotional problems can develop. Bio-Energy is a very effective way of locating the areas of imbalance in your energy field and then correcting the imbalance. Once a clear energy flow is restored, your body’s own healing and recovery process can take over.

Bio-Energy is safe and suitable for all ages.

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During a Bio-Energy treatment, I use gentle hand movements and specialised techniques to scan your body’s energy system for imbalances, release any energy blockages and attract energy to deficient areas. In this way, the proper flow of energy essential to your health and vitality is restored.

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Bio-Energy has been found to be beneficial with a vast number of known physical and emotional conditions.

  • It can help activate and accelerate your body's healing and repair mechanisms.
  • It can help you to recover from acute and long-term chronic and difficult ailments.
  • It can help provide relief from acute and chronic pain.
  • It can provide you with a sense of peace and well-being.

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  • After an initial consultation, I will ask you to remove your shoes, watch, glasses and any jewellery otherwise you will remain fully clothed.
  • I will then scan your energy field to detect any imbalances and then clear the imbalances using a series of hand movements. I then finish with a final scan of your energy field. During the treatment, there is little physical contact. I will ask you to stand for part of the treatment and sit for the other part. If you find it difficult to stand, then you can sit for the whole treatment.
  • At the end of treatment, we will discuss any issues which may have arisen during the treatment.
  • You may be aware of subtle changes after only one session but deep seated energy blocks may take several sessions to break down.

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40 for a one hour treatment and 50 for a 1.5 hour treatment. Both include an initial consultation.

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Picture of Client receiving Bio-Energy

Picture of Client receiving Bio-Energy
Picture of Client receiving Bio-Energy
Client receiving Bio-Energy
Picture of Client receiving Bio-Energy

Client receiving Bio-Energy

Bio-Energy with Jackie helped to reduce my stress levels and heal a severe burn on my leg. I found the treatments both relaxing and energising.

Rosalie Bruce, Edinburgh